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Friday, October 12, 2012

Blogorado 4-- why I suck.

I suck because I didn't spend enough time talking to FarmDad, or FarmMom.

I suck because I didn't get all that ammo that I brought out properly for people to use.

I suck because I never got around to sighting in OldNFO's rifle, as I had promised on the phone to do.

I suck because I didn't get ANY pictures for you.

I suck because I never shot the .50 BMG this time. Nor the muzzle-loaders.

I suck because I didn't do enough to set up nor tear down the range.

I suck because I didn't get more face time time chatting with Jay G, or Sal, or FarmGirl.

I suck because, having chipped it into the waxing madness I didn't leave any cash for expenses for our gracious hosts. And that I forgot this year completely. (I suck so sorrowfully for that one.)

I suck because I still owe the Nerds for a second hot/red/steak/cheese New Mexican burrito.

I suck because I didn't spend more time with my dad and Holly.

I suck because I didn't manage to keep my footing when a Stingray jumped on my back.
I suck because I didn't chat more with GayCynic.

Or Weer'd and his wife. Or SciFi. Or Mrs. SciFi. Or Speer's friend (and ours, too, now) Jason. Or Rennaisance Man, or Wing. Or Evyl Robot, or Jennifer. (No, WeeBot, I didn't forget you. It's just that I got enough time with you. ;) )

I got in some good chatting with Ambulance Driver, whom I roomed with and drove up with in caravan.

I got in some good chatting with Tam, whom I insisted ride with me a couple of times, and whom I sat with at breakfast a couple of times.

I suck because I don't remember some of the more memorable lines that caused literal spit-takes around the campfire, to share here. But I remember the reactions.
I suck because one of the only ones that I do remember laughing at was kinda dark, and kinda harshing a friend's mellow, and because I just grinned at it again. ("Hey! The sun is shining!" "Oh, you have wondered over to the wrong group, here.")

I suck because I did not remember Farmgirl's brother T's name right off. And he's a good guy.
I suck because I didn't chat more with Christina LMT more. Nor with AEPilotJim.

I suck because I didn't have more one-on-one chats with LawDog, and Phlegmmy-- some of my best friends. We spoke in groups, and that exchange was awesome. But sometimes you feel like you miss out on one-on-one chats.

I suck because I've missed someone, here.

Three days among my friends is not enough. 

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At Friday, October 12, 2012 5:22:00 PM, Anonymous Evyl Robot Michael said...

Hmmm. I see. It just so happens that I suck because I didn't bring a single malt to share with you. Well, we may just have to make it a point to sit and chat over a single malt on another occasion as a remedy.

At Friday, October 12, 2012 5:44:00 PM, Blogger Farm.Dad said...

You really Suck because you didn't wiretie ADs' thumbs together so he would have something to worry about besides speedgoats .

Enjoyed having ya up , and we will catch some visit time next meetup .

At Friday, October 12, 2012 9:49:00 PM, Blogger Christina RN LMT said...

It's never enough time, Matt! Well, maybe we'd all get on each others nerves if we hung out for a month or two, but I doubt it. And you don't suck!

At Saturday, October 13, 2012 3:59:00 PM, Blogger Jay G said...

Matt, it was entirely my pleasure to suck right along with you.


That's not what I meant.

I do know exactly what you mean about there just not being enough hours in the day.

At Sunday, October 14, 2012 5:27:00 AM, Blogger Rabbit said...

I know how you feel. I tried to spend time bouncing around at Elsewhere, and it gets tough.

Michael, I'll bring a bottle of good stuff with me and we'll pass it around.

At Monday, October 15, 2012 10:12:00 PM, Blogger Robert said...

Good lord, man, ease up on yourself a bit. There's only one of you and limited time.


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