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Monday, December 10, 2007

Speaking of good spicy foodstuffs

My wife has found that the Metropolis discount grocery tends to keep quantities of marked-down gourmet foods. That's where she got the mongo jar of pepper paste.

That's also where she got this:
Terra Sol Red Chile Infusion Piquin Oil is a wonderful cooking oil that we've been using for about a year. It's a base of canola and olive oils with a half-handful of chile piquins dropped in it, and some chili powder added for good measure. That's it. Nothing fancy.

If you put your finger in it and tasted it, it wouldn't be particularly good-- it's a light cooking oil. But if you put a teaspoon in the bottom of your skillet, you can add a nice little kick to what you're frying. Not the masochistic oh-the-pain-is-overcoming-the-taste-of-the-food heat, but just a chile pepper flavor that permeates in the way that only an infused oil can permeate a food's flavor.

At $.79 a pint, I'm highly impressed with its value.

Unfortunately, seeing as how it's regularly at the markdown shelf, it's probably not long for this market, and that's a damned shame, because it makes my migas sing, baby.

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At Monday, December 10, 2007 4:05:00 PM, Blogger Not Afraid to Use It said...

Man, I hate it when you find those incredible finds on the markdown shelf only to have them disappear. The good news is that with more and more companies putting their website on the label, you can often find it online instead. Of course, I never want to pay full price for the damn things, but it is always good to know! LOL

At Monday, December 10, 2007 9:59:00 PM, Blogger Rabbit said...

I'd bet Central Market or (shudder) Whole Foods has it on their shelves.

Of course, it means a trip down the Wide Road to find out.


At Tuesday, December 11, 2007 10:48:00 AM, Blogger Matt G said...

Why are you down on Whole Foods, Rabbit? Sure, it's expensive, but the fare is good and the variety is excellent.

When Dad and I and Ian met Rich Lucibella for dinner in Dallas, one time, he asked where a local grocery store was to pick up some provisions for his hog hunt with Ashley and Justin. We mentioned that Whole Foods was near by.

He reported later that, when he got to the counter with his stuff, he realized that he'd not yet bought ice. Looking at the bill that had just been rung up for his basket of food, he said that the speculated that they would sell it to him by the cube, a la carte.


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