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Thursday, November 08, 2007

DudeIKnowRight? LOL

Courtesy of Tamara, I find that the level of my verbage is elementary.
Would that it were so. (You ought to hear the level of speech that I'm hearing other people's children presenting.)
I suppose that I should try to do better. One way is to address my deficiencies would be to visit
a cute little addictive online vocabulary builder game site that I found via ClaireBell. Supposedly each click donates 10 grains of rice to hungry folk (one supposes that it's from advertisement revenue). Like Claire, I seem to keep getting stuck at Level 42.

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At Thursday, November 08, 2007 5:02:00 PM, Blogger Canadian Girl said...

Elementary, my dear Watson? Certainly not! I'd like to see an "Entertainability" test. Your blog would be at the top level for sure.

I don't know the criteria for this readability test, but something doesn't seem right. What determines a rating of elementary, genius, or anything in between?

At Thursday, November 08, 2007 8:15:00 PM, Blogger Ambulance Driver said...

Heh, that is an addictive site.

I made it to Level 46.

At Friday, November 09, 2007 1:34:00 AM, Blogger Tam said...


You vocab weenie, you! Me and AD made it to 46. :D

At Friday, November 09, 2007 6:57:00 AM, Anonymous Billy Sparks said...

I stopped at level 33 when I realized that a great vocabulary does not feed you but the job I was ignoring does....sigh

At Friday, November 09, 2007 11:13:00 AM, Blogger Bob said...

thanks for the link, Something to do until low water when I can get into the swamp to hunt elk. 46 amazing how Latin comes back (sort of) 43 years later.

At Sunday, November 11, 2007 9:27:00 AM, Blogger phlegmfatale said...

made it up to 45, but quickly went back to 43. meh.


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