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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Did you forget?

I did. But my computer didn't.

For those of you who work on Sunday, live in the U.S. (but not in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, and Arizona), and who read this blog before work (yes, all of you):

You're early. It's time for Daylight Saving Time.

Me, I'm going to come in an extra half-hour early for work, but not the full hour early, which would make me look like a chump.

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At Sunday, November 04, 2007 9:13:00 AM, Blogger 5150Wife said...


Nope, I remembered. I reset all the clocks before climbing into bed last night.

I feel bad for the Mayberry guys that had to work the 13 hour shift last night, though.

At Sunday, November 04, 2007 9:32:00 AM, Blogger LawDog said...

Ah, actually Daylight Savings Time is the summer clock.

We came off DST last night and are now back on Standard Time.

At Sunday, November 04, 2007 10:06:00 AM, Blogger Matt G said...

Hey, 'Dog-- if you're gonna start with splittin' hairs on me, then I'll have to point out that the term is "Daylight Saving Time" [no S.].

At Sunday, November 04, 2007 2:58:00 PM, Blogger BobG said...

"...term is "Daylight Saving Time" [no S.]."

And you can tell there is no S because there was no apostrophe to announce it...

At Sunday, November 04, 2007 4:53:00 PM, Blogger LawDog said...

I bow to Merriam-Webster:

To wit: "

Main Entry:
daylight saving time
: time usually one hour ahead of standard time —called also daylight saving, daylight savings, daylight savings time, daylight time.


At Sunday, November 04, 2007 6:53:00 PM, Anonymous LabRat said...

Dogs don't recognize DST, beginning or ending. They rousted me out an hour "early", so I didn't get to sleep in.

It has made me irrationally cranky. This is one thing I miss about living in Arizona.

At Sunday, November 04, 2007 8:04:00 PM, Blogger Matt G said...

Yeah, M-W will recognize all kinds of incorrect references, won't they?



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