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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Going in to work, today, I was on a major interstate that was backed up a tad. Some people were frustrated at the on-ramp-- they had to yield to me. I stopped and let in the first car.

I got to work a little early. I helped fix up another guy's report to go to the D.A.'s office. I then fixed some call sheet errors that made the authors (other officers) look kind of dumb. They were simple errors-- anyone could have made them (including me). But they hadn't been caught for over a month, and were soon going to be. I fixed them.

On patrol, I pulled over a guy for an equipment violation on his trailer. It was clearly his fault-- he hadn't put on safety chains. But I don't usually write for just the one. I told him that I'd issue him a warning. I ran his license and found out that he's a registered sex offender. I still issued him a warning.

I pulled over a car for an equipment violation. The driver turned out to be the driver and unindicted accomplice on a violent burglary from last month. Though he had been present at the crime, I didn't quite have enough evidence to charge him, and didn't. But shame on him! His driver license was being held in lieu of payment at a gas station, and his insurance was not issued to him. He did receive citations.

I helped a buddy with a felony DWI report off the clock after work tonight. We straightened out some grammatical and punctuation errors and made it flow better.

I got home, and found that my wife had made a wonderful Middle Eastern dish called "Upside Down," involving spiced rice, cauliflower fried in olive oil, mushrooms, and chunks of beef, baked in an olive oil-drenched bowl, so that the rice forms a crust called a "tadeek." It's marvelous, and made the whole house smell of that pungent 7-spice powder. Most tasty with a nice cold lager next to it. Tonight's choice was Shiner Bock.

It all comes back to you. :)


At Sunday, January 07, 2007 3:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It all comes back to you. :)"

Yes, yes it does. . . I also get some small comfort in the belief that the bad stuff comes back to the bad guys too.


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