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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Random Thoughts.

--This morning, just before my alarm went off, my daughters got me up, and the coffee was ready. They were watching a movie on World War II. They made witty, funny conversation as I drove them to school. These, friends, are the good times. I never thought that rearing a 14 year old and a 10 year old would be this easy.

--My 14 year old got her class ranking yesterday. She's in the top 5%. All but one of her close friends are in the top 10%, including the girl ranked #1, who commented last night that, after maths, they should study for the upcoming Spanish quiz. My daughter laughed and asked why she would want to study for a class that she has a 99 average in, when we had plans to go visit with friends at Fuzzy Taco's Shop? That's my girl.

--I FINALLY got my dad and his wife's Christmas present installed yesterday. A pecan tree, with a bonus nectarine tree planted. I've never seen nectarines around here, but peaches and plums and apricots do fine here. At the very least, it will bloom pretty for them. I put it across from their entry/exit door. I'm very embarassed that I was this late. I had wanted to plant a pecan from Womack Nursery, but they were completely out of their amazing Podsednik variety, which yields nuts that go 20/lb, and are the size of Grade A Medium hen's eggs. I put the pecan tree to the southwest side of their house, to provide shade for the house. Such things really make a yard more comfortable.

--I sent in my new order for another custom holster to Michael's Custom Holsters. I'd been sitting on the fence about whether to get a K-frame holster, or another J-frame holster. I've been wearing one of Mike's J-frame holsters for over two years, and I decided to get a second one, in black this time, for admin days and training days. This one will have no exposed stitching, which is very different for me.

--I've been meaning to put up a review of that holster. Maybe this next post...

--I also sent pics of a beautiful old S.D. Myres (El Paso) floral carved holster that Rabbit gave me (to Dad, really). I finally got that to Dad last night. Check it out:
That's a good half-century old. Looks good on a K-frame 4", like a M64:
While I'm not a fan of cut-aways on holsters for trigger guards, this is a classic style that is distinctive of about a quarter century of holster design.

--It's so damned humid, I finally turned on the air conditioner yesterday. It was about 80 degrees, with a brisk wind blowing the Gulf air into us. Other Texans are not pleased with this turn of the weather. Right now it's quite windy, with gusts making moaning sounds outside occasionally, humid as hell, with the barometer dropping:
This is restive weather.

--Oh, good. Marko got my payment.

--By the way, those homicides by gun type charts (which show rifles OF ALL TYPES only are used in 4% of all homicides)? They include lawful shootings by police and citizens.

--When an interplanetary bounty hunter points a blaster at you, you shoot him the first chance you get, without waiting for him to shoot first. End of discussion. I can't believe that there's any confusion about whether Greedo shot at Han. If in fact he did, then Solo took a huge unnecessary risk. I

--The weather finally turned. Ah. Finally rain.

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At Wednesday, January 30, 2013 10:38:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt, I'm surprised that you had to plant the pecan tree. The ones coming up in my hard by the dozens were all planted by squirrels - not even secret squirrels: these are pretty darn brazen, at least until Ye Olde Air-rifle appears.


At Wednesday, January 30, 2013 4:18:00 PM, Blogger Matt G said...

My dad's yard is well-patrolled by his dogs, and is mowed regularly, so pecans don't come up. More importantly, though, is that I got one that had been properly grafted, to bear good nuts, and was placed in a strategic spot to eventually provide good shade to the house, and get good sun its ownself.

Volunteer pecans, you never know about. ;)

At Wednesday, January 30, 2013 7:27:00 PM, Blogger Rabbit said...

That holster cleaned up nicely. I hope y'all get many years of enjoyment from it. Our holstermaker across the Red has my old Roy Baker Pancake I bought about the same time as my first HiPower. My old pancake wobbled terribly compared to his designs.


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