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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's Who You Know: On Being Popular On The Web

Okay, we expect the hit count to drop on Dec. 25; that's when folks are getting together and smiling at, scowling at, wincing at, leering at (especially in W. Virginia), or ignoring their relatives, while wading through piles of wrapping paper to get another glass of nog.

And that spike on January 4th? That was my friend Preacherman telling on my exploits to the other Staff at The High Road. He also referenced a tale of his own at the time.

But what of that most significant spike on December 12th? What the heck was going on there?!? What major force of nature (or the Internet) could have moved my pageviews to such heights??
Well, that would be Tamara.

Yup, it's Adorable Little Rodents on the TLB Ecosystem like Tamara that really bring us Insignificant Microbes into Multicellular MicroOrganism status.

Gawd knows it's not Memphis Steve who, prolific blogger and poster to my comments though he may be, still refuses to blogroll me. Bastich. :) Dadgum, even my new friend the Ambulance Driver linked me almost immediately...

You might have noticed that this thread is link-rich. As Tamara mentions, "'all is vanity.'" Turns out that the Google algorithm gives more credence to pages with more links to it, and more links away from it. So it's interesting to see which threads float to the top of a Google search. But you know which single blog post of mine gets the most hits from Google searches? Strangely, it's a post I made about a Stevens model 56 .22 rifle. Seriously. I get referrals to that post all the time. You never know.


At Wednesday, January 24, 2007 4:55:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

perhaps the reason is that, like several other texas lawmen like "lawdog" you have an interesting, entertaining blog, that your "war stories" are well written, and like another friend of mine bill c., a retired texas peace officer, (the term he prefers to "LEO") you are worth listening to when you get to storytelling. best regards


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