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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Worth Drinking:

Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale.

Is it traditional? Nope. It's probably something that could be designed and marketed "only in the colonies," as Tamara's critic Anonymous would say. (Hey, I know it's a pain to go to the trouble of creating a logon persona when you don't actually maintain a blog yourself, but why not sign off with your first name in your missive? There's lots of these "anoymous" guys around.) But look-- if we only went with tradition, there would be about 2 types of beer in the world. Fusion is a good thing.

To quote the label: "A clean, well-hopped brown ale with aromatic barley, caramelized brown sugar and whole-leaf Liberty & Goldings hops."

Fit to drink. Really.

That is all.

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