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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Pictures

The following two pencil sketches were done by my 10 year old daughter, to entertain her friend at school by putting moustaches on animals. The beret with the pencil moustache particularly cracked me up:
 I got a sample of a medication from the doc. It came in a 4" cube, which I opened to find the following:
On the wall at the doctor's office. I've never seen a "High Frequency Dessicator," before. I don't know what it does, even though I understand what dessication is.
This is 1.5 cubic yards of enriched soil, which I bought yesterday from the gettin' place, and put into my wife's raised beds. She's added a couple of beds this year, and also the ones from last year had settled a bit.
On Saturday, my wife suggested that we two spend 45 minutes clearing out some junk that had accumulated in the garage. 8 hours of sorting and cleaning later, we found that we had 5 well-stuffed, heavy Hefty Steel Sacks.

During the cleaning, I found this little dumplin', which I had gotten for my Honda Civic, years back. The Civic's A/C system will no longer take a compressor for less than the cost of the car, so I had promised this to my old patrol partner for his beater Honda, only to find that I couldn't find it for him. I was so excited to find this (I'd paid $130, 7 years ago for it), that I sent him a text.
I had my 10 year-old get up from whatever it was she was doing with the neighbor girl on the front porch, to do the dishes. They both sighed, as she laid down her pad to go do her chore. I looked at the pad, and saw that she'd just started a pretty decent life study on the neighbor kid. Seriously, based upon this if she had finished the facial features, I wouldn't have been able to post it here without the neighbor girl's parents' permission. I haven't seen the finished product.
Sadly, my camera phone doesn't have the light-gathering capability to take good night pictures, or you could appreciate the awesomeness of my 14 year old daughter's first-ever attempt at parallel parking. I credit good genes, and a decent driving instructor. (Yours truly.)
M19 Standing semi-supported (leaning back against my car) at 20 yards with .38 Specials (158g LRN), Single action. Shot from about 7:30 o'clock.

M19 fired off-hand double action at 25 yards. 158g factory Hydrashock .357 Magnums. (There are a couple of .22 holes in there, too.) Meh.
Coffee can with custom target made by daughter to shoot at with her new .22 WMRF rifle. (Depiction of "Kim KardASSian.")
Daughter's new custom .22 WMRF rifle.
Daughter during initial sight-in at ~20 (or just a bit less) yards.
50 yard sight-in.

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At Thursday, March 21, 2013 7:37:00 PM, Blogger Old NFO said...

She's GOOD! :-) And yeah you never know WHAT you will find in the garage... Good shooting from all too!


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