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Friday, June 29, 2007

Please stop us...

...before we pun again!

How do these things get started?

Phlegm Fatale should be ashamed of herself.

I know I am.

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At Friday, June 29, 2007 6:54:00 PM, Blogger phlegmfatale said...

punaway train?

I dunno. I read somewhere once that puns are the lowest form of humor, but I disagree. I believe fart jokes are lower on the food chain, personally.

I forgive myself and will probably sin again momentarily.

By the way, your unmitigated cheek has earned you the lowly distinction of placement on my blog roll. Begging for removal will be futile.

At Saturday, June 30, 2007 1:50:00 AM, Blogger Matt G said...

What about puns about farts?

Those could be some real stinkers...

At Saturday, June 30, 2007 2:40:00 AM, Blogger Matt G said...

And I did appreciate "sands a belt."

It was almost as enlightened as "dung 'ere 'es."



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