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Sunday, March 01, 2015


We woke up with terms of affection, and consumed coffee, and my wife made sourdough bread while I documented the destruction from yesterday's snowstorm.
Actually? This was taken the evening before, but nearly captures what I saw in the morning. 
On the last day of February, in North Texas, you're actually more likely to decide upon long sleeves or a windbreaker as outdoor clothing, than to reach for a lined hooded parka, as I did yesterday. The average high temperature for February 28th at our local airport is about 60 degrees, with the average low being about 39.  Weather like this is actually kind of unusual, and just adds some spice to our lives; we don't mind it much. By February's end, I've friends up north who are very tired of the snow, and friends down south who are probably kind of bored with the lack of it. 

I was on call this weekend, and I've got: 1. The oldest car in our fleet, and: 2. The only four-wheel-drive vehicle in our patrol car fleet. I wasn't going to be leaving town, nor imbibing any adult beverages.

My younger daughter made cocoa, as she's been doing lately. She's got a good hand at it.

My elder daughter invented a reason to go to her best friend's house (to work on a video for a Spanish project), and then happily trudged over in the snow with her rubber boots on (with lace-trimmed cable knit leg warmers visible over the tops of the boots, in the style that has lately emerged here).

My wife and I cleaned some, and discussed how to redo the kitchen. Mostly I said "do whatever you want."

My chickens got extra feed. They were happy, as we had shrouded their coop with a tarp and run a shop light inside it. Marko says that he doesn't get heat to his birds, but his coop is doubtless more airtight than mine. I poured boiling water over their water tray so that they would stay hydrated.

We consumed a black forest cheesecake that my wife made from scratch, and I felt light-headed at all the sugar in my bloodstream.When you're on a near-no-carb diet, you can swoon a bit on your cheat day. For us, that's Saturday.

We went to a fire fighter dinner, and had good barbecue.

We got home, and watched some shows on Netflix.

And I looked up, and it was midnight. My 17th wedding anniversary was over. I had spent the whole day with my wife. We didn't get each other anything, but we were happy with that.

It was a good day, this year, and that. 

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