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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lines Of Departure

So, my friend Marko Kloos today celebrates the release of the second book in his science fiction trilogy. In his first big release, Terms Of Enlistment, Marko introduced us to the not-too-distant future world in which Earth is colonizing as fast as it can, and needs extra-terrestrial Terran military to assist in this (and to quell the riots back home on a rapidly-deteriorating Earth.).

Now, his protagonist is a veteran, who has relationships in the military, and takes the next step in his career as an off-world soldier.

I've read a couple of chapters today, and it's smart writing that reads easily.

I hear that one might should keep an eye out for certain characters that we may know, too.

One of the joys of having a Kindle and an Amazon account is being able to instantly download Lines Of Departure for $4.99.

Marko is a good writer, who can do that magical thing, wherein he conjures up characters out of whole cloth, and keeps them true to their nature. When one questions whether a book is plot-driven or character-driven, the answer ideally should be "both," because the nature of the characters develop the plot. Marko Kloos writes plots, with characters whom you know, after awhile.

In this one, his spacefaring soldiers address 80-foot-tall alien invaders who are taking over planets that Terrain colonists have been terraforming. For starters.

Go read.

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