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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beautiful Spring Weekend.

--Friday, I took my elder daughter driving on a large parking lot with my manual transmission Honda Civic. She actually did pretty well.

--I went with friends for pizza and beer Friday night, but skipped the beer and had Reed's Ginger Ale. It's good. But that beer looked good. I've been without for awhile. Sometimes fasting from a favorite thing is good.

--My 10 year-old daughter had her best friend over for the weekend again. I don't think that her mom believes us when we say that she's welcome at our house anytime she wants to come. She's a great kid. She has two mommies.

--My wife this morning suggested taking 45 minutes to clear out some stuff from kitchen entry to the garage. It had gotten a little crowded. 8 hours and 4 Hefty SteelSacks full of garbage later, we had completely reorganized the garage.

--My elder daughter drove the "new" 3rd-hand riding lawnmower for the first time yesterday. I was so impressed at how she was missing any sticks and rocks, and realized that she had disengaged the blades. She went back over it, and it worked great. Best $150 I ever spent.

--I just got an invite to hunt wild hog with a good friend, and with my Dad. I can't wait. I REALLY want to see Dad bust a hog with that .45-70. Also? I've got a .35 Whelen Springfield that needs to draw blood.

--I owe you a Sunday Smith.

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At Tuesday, March 19, 2013 6:23:00 AM, Blogger Old NFO said...

Sounds like winners all the way around! And do enjoy the hunt, hope you have better luck than we did!!!


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