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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Well, if they're free, I might as well take two. . .

Scalpel writes a superb analogy as to how government subsidies ruin it for everybody... even (eventually) those on the dole. His arena? Medical care.

(Hap tip to MonkeyGirl.)

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At Saturday, July 28, 2007 3:39:00 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

HOT Damn...even the cops are getting in on the bandwagon about the distress in the "bargain basement."

Public awareness is coming forth...


At Saturday, July 28, 2007 3:59:00 PM, Blogger Matt G said...

Don't joggle my elbow, Missy; I was pro-libertarian before libertarian was kewl. Think of me as Billy Mac from Steve Miller's "Take The Money And Run"; I make my livin' off other people's taxes, but I ain't gonna let 'em escape justice.

If I could figure out a way to do it without using citizens' taxes, I would. Trust me.

But I was FURIOUS at the Raich v. Ashcroft SCOTUS ruling-- there are places that the Fed needs not to meddle. Subsidies (like Wickard) are one. Provide for the "social welfare," sure. But not through subsidies. And don't claim "interstate comerce"; it's specious.


At Saturday, July 28, 2007 9:09:00 PM, Blogger Full-On-Forward said...

Matt- awesome piece on Perspectives- can't wait to read AD's and Babs--great job man--great job!!!

New Loyal Reader


At Saturday, July 28, 2007 9:36:00 PM, Blogger Matt G said...

Thanks, John! Come early and stay late!

At Sunday, July 29, 2007 2:30:00 PM, Blogger Constance said...

The flat screen tv analogy was excellent wasn't it ?!?


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