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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Oh, the work-out yesterday was a good one, but that's not why I'm sore.
The training with the fire department yesterday was good, but that's not (directly) why I'm sore.
Well, maybe a little bit, it was.

See, we still had two and a half inches of ice on the approach at the fire station. Our captain used a novel method of hose training: make the BTU's work backwards. Instead of using the water to lower the temperature, we used the water to raise the temperature of the ice, and pushed great sheets of it off the pavement in the afternoon.

At sundown, the temperature dropped from 36 degrees to 28 degrees in under an hour. With almost no wind and a high humidity, the water on the pavement didn't evaporate. So we took a 2.5" layer of 6 day-old rough ice, and replaced it with a 1/8" layer of shiny ice. No big deal; it should evaporate by 10 AM today.

Which I forgot about before leaving the firehouse this morning at 7:00AM.

You know that something is wrong as you see the sun breaking over the horizon between the toes of your boots, while you're walking.

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