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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And cheap at twice the price.

The only reason those two women injured in the inappropriate shooting during the manhunt for Dorner are taking the $4.2 million is because attorneys behind closed doors said, "Would you rather take the four point two million now, or wait five years to collect ten million dollars, by which time the attorneys have gotten the bulk of it?"

Yeah, L.A. would like to get that behind them, indeed.

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At Wednesday, April 24, 2013 11:14:00 AM, Blogger Old NFO said...

Yep, bird in hand is worth 6 (million) in the bush...

At Wednesday, May 08, 2013 9:32:00 AM, Blogger TOTWTYTR said...

Cheap indeed. Although it only cost LA $2 Million to settle all the law suits from the DNC in 2000.

Still, it's better to get it out of the way quickly.

At Wednesday, May 08, 2013 9:33:00 AM, Blogger TOTWTYTR said...

It was well worth it to the city to get this out of the way early on. I think that the bad PR that they avoided by not dragging this out was worth what they paid out.


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