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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Remember, monkeys, your first job? Is to dance.

Michael Moore's stop-down over Ice T's comments about the Second Amendment's place in history is kind of interesting, but it's of no real worth.

Moore* is a producer of fake documentaries, who managed to cop an Oscar for a movie with pieced-together speeches, inaccurate time lines, and personal assertions about things that didn't happen from his own point of view. If he'd been a journalist, his credentials would have been yanked decades ago. Instead, as a producer, he's award-winning.

Michael Moore is not a spokesman for my nation, or even a part of it. Even if you agree with him, no one made him your spokesman. He's just a famous name, and happily gets in front of cameras to push his agenda, on things that he's not expert in.

And, though I may to an extent agree with Ice T, he's just an entertainer, too. (And a confessed thief and felon, whose most notorious hit was called Cop Killer.)  He doesn't represent me.

Y'all claim to make social commentary through your art?  Then do your art.

Dance, monkeys!

And you all who are looking for a soundbite for your talk shows? Dig deeper. This is beneath what you claim to stand for, if you claim to actually provide informative discourse and news.

*I've more respect for Roger than Michael, and that's damning Roger Moore with mighty faint praise.

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At Thursday, December 20, 2012 6:32:00 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

They don't live in reality and yet speak as though they have some authority.
Heh. The Dance, Monkey post becomes more applicable than I ever imagined.


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