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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Music from Canada.

While I do not want our nation to be Canada, I can dang sure appreciate some of the cool stuff they make up there.

First, we start with music from a group that is described as a national treasure to the province of Quebec. (And if you don't understand how a province can claim a regional folk band is a national treasure, then you know even less about the Quebeckers' fierce sense of independence than I do.) Play it through, and see if it doesn't stick in your head. It does in mine:

Not speaking any French, I asked my friend Amy, who's a high school French teacher in Texas. She said: "No idea. Some of the words I heard: 'fish (or possibly drink), laugh ha ha, little' .................. crazy Canadians."

While I may not know about French, I'll bet that trying to decipher the Québécois dialect makes the Provençal dialect look like a snap. Kinda like a Texan managing to parse Cockney, but then having to try to parse Scots.

Then I had my friend Jane, a true Canadienne, attempt to decipher it. 
She came up with: "Its a bunch of crazy lyrics like 'I'm going to the fountain to go fishing for fish... his small rusty key chain, all rusty, all rusty... the fountain is deep, deep, deep' :)" Given that Jane serves Poutine in Texas, and her mother has a thick Québécois accent after 25 years in the US, I'll give her the final word on it.

Well now that I've planted that earworm in your head, let's try moving to this one, that is not only a great tune, but is a magnificent use of one instrument by five people:
Technically impressive, and just damned good, too.
I wonder if we'll be hearing more of Walk Off Earth. While it's a cover (of this very good song), I think that they made it their own.

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