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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Irritating, that.

This year, Toyota aired a big ad campaign admitting that they screwed up big-time. Well, they did-- they installed a whole mess of faulty throttle controllers. Well, a few.

But that needed recalling. The device that controls your engine's power output should work. Absolutely.

But this business of the car with the messed-up throttles being unstoppable is proven to be poppycock. Even if your brakes wouldn't stop the horrendous power of the engine propelling the car, simply shifting to neutral would stop the power from getting to the wheels. Turning off the engine would stop the power from getting to the wheels. ("But that cuts the power steering!" Oh, grow up! A moving car is steerable in a straight line without power steering. )

But the fact is, the brakes DO stop the car. Car & Driver found that, with the throttle wide open and the brakes stomped at 70 mph, the Camry stops shorter than a Ford Taurus with the throttle closed.

Then we come to the single most famous case of the throttle sticking, which now looks like simple fraud in the worst light, and gross driver error in the best light. The problem wasn't the hardware in the Prius-- it was the software between the driver's ears. He's either inept, or a swindler, or, possibly, both.

But if you still are terrified of your Toyota, and don't trust 'em, I'll take one off your hands. Especially if you've got a Tundra that's been threatening to kick in your front door, eat the children, and crap on your rug. I've got a deck to build.

Hat tip to Les Jones.

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At Sunday, May 16, 2010 10:43:00 PM, Blogger Ted said...

That's just one of the reasons I drive a manual transmission. If the engine gets uppity, you just push in the clutch and don't let it talk to the driveshaft anymore.

At Monday, May 17, 2010 4:02:00 AM, Blogger KD5NRH said...

Having driven a car for two years with the power steering pump burnt out, and having had the PS belt break on a much bigger car right in the middle of a tight turn, (then maneuvering said car through a parking lot and backing it into a parking space so it would be easier to work on later) I just don't buy any crying about losing PS being all that dangerous.
For that matter, losing the power assist on the brakes shouldn't even be a concern for anyone with the leg strength to stand unassisted.


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