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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In which I admire Labrat's and Stingray's cookies.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the Atomic Nerds, right? So I was charmed when StingRay told me that he was sending me some "baked goods." What landed on my doorstep last night was a large box from the Big Brown Truck Of Happiness, loaded with two very high-end ziplock bags (seriously-- if there's one place where it's worth paying for quality, it's your ziplock bags. These had double closures, which impressed me.), packed very professionally in bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts. In one of the stretched out bags was about eleventy-hundred peanut butter cookies, perfectly formed and striated by a New Mexican fork.

In the other ziplock baggie was a brown powder that was clearly too powdery to be heroin, and smelled.... chocolate. I dug some more and found some instructions: Fill mug a third to half-way full with the mix, top with boiling water, mix, mix, mix until dissolved. Okay, got it. It's just hot chocolate, right?

Wrong. I note that they tried to warn me: "We recommend you don't gulp-- this stuff is a little more aggressive than Swiss Miss."

This stuff has more than just the tiniest hint of cayenne. It will, not maybe, will warm your arse right up.

The verdict from he kids, who got cups before I had even had a sip:
10 year old: aghast and upset.
6 year old: Nursed it right down to an empty cup.
Me: Wow. Knocked back the first one, decided to wait for tomorrow for a second. It's rich. Ring left in coffee mug is auburn.

Thanks, StingRay and LabRat! You're the best!

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At Tuesday, December 23, 2008 1:03:00 PM, Anonymous LabRat said...

Fun science fact: chile and chocolate use the same flavor receptor, so that a bit of the one will make the other taste more like itself. Thus, the popularity of cocoa powder in many chili and mole recipes... and the benefit of a bit or more than a bit of chile when making something chocolate.

And, yes. This is the stuff we use for Insta-Thaw on frozen humans back in from a walk/work in the snow.

(Apologize to your ten-year-old for us- though we were hugely tickled that her little sister was the one that liked it!)

At Tuesday, December 23, 2008 2:47:00 PM, Blogger RoaVaPD said...

Where would one find that recipe for the chocolate milk-with-a-kick? It sounds absolutely divine! I gotta get some!

At Tuesday, December 23, 2008 7:09:00 PM, Blogger JPG said...

Oh, wow!

Hijo, you MAY have messed up. I mean, blogging about two of the wunnerfullest things in the world - - homemade peanerbutter cookies AND superior cocoa mix.

Upon our arrival on Christmas, I’ll TRY to politely wait until you offer me a goodly sample of each. But, what with you having bragged about this all ‘cross the netosphere, you can’t very well NOT share.

I trust you’re already in e-mail with the Atomic Nerds, begging for the recipe. If not, I figure you’ll be able to reverse-engineer something quite similar.

Merry Christmas to all, ‘specially StingRay and LabRat.


At Tuesday, December 23, 2008 10:03:00 PM, Anonymous TBeck said...

It may not have been Mexican Brown, but that doesn't mean it's not addicitive...

Now if you dip the cookiees in the cocoa you'll have a case of getting your peanut butter into your chocolate...

At Wednesday, December 24, 2008 11:03:00 AM, Blogger night lightning woman said...

Yeah, I want some of each, please. After all, I AM bringing six dozen ordinary but good chocolate chip cookies. warning: I will impolitely, but with touching eagerness, ask for some.

At Wednesday, December 24, 2008 7:39:00 PM, Blogger .RoaVaPD said...

I should add I can bring the recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies in the world to the table for that cocoa mix.

At Wednesday, December 24, 2008 11:05:00 PM, Blogger J.R.Shirley said...

That IS awesome!

At Thursday, December 25, 2008 1:54:00 AM, Blogger JPG said...

Lookin' forward to 'em, NLW. And it's not as if we're coming empty handed - - H will bring biscuits plus her speciality, Reese's Cup cookies. And I just finished making a double batch of banana pudding -- I've been told that it's possibly the single best thing I do in the kitchen.

I doubt anyone will go away hungry.

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