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Monday, September 01, 2008

Oh, and that R.N.C.?? Forget it.

NOTHING better could possibly come from the Republican National Convention than this past week's nominatin of the presumptive V.P. nominee. The only possible outcome of making a big hurrah out of the convention will be criticism. McCain, if you've got the savvy that you seem to be suddenly showing, you'll keep doing what you've been doing this week: tone it down, be inclusive of all, and distance from W like a prom queen from an acne patient.

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At Monday, September 01, 2008 12:31:00 PM, Blogger Farm.Dad said...

IMHO Michal Moore was right when he said that there is a god , and Gustav shows it . Now instead of trying to top the dems bs in Denver. McCain and Palin can go on to be seen as somewhat effective rather than stumping to the choir . Ill also point out that the Obama supporters are only adding to her credibility with the disgruntled Hillery supporters at this point by questioning her reproductive choices / ability and posting faked " nude photos " of her online . I was ready to just not vote ( since i believe in voting my conscience ) until she became the candidate for vp. I don't agree with her on every little thing but do strongly think that she is the most honest candidate that i have seen sense Regan . She will Shine by " Being there " on the gulf coast rather than at a convention , and she will drag " the old man " along with here because in order to vote for her we have to endorse him . I just hope that she has a " come to Jesus " talk with him about what the 2nd amendment means since she seems to understand it much better than he does LOL .


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