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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Use this pink AR-15 to fight breast cancer.

Online pal Larry Correia watched his mother in-law go through the treatment for the cancer. Cancer of the breast.

Guys, think about how unhappy you would be if a certain symbol of your manhood were in danger of being removed. Now picture how unhappy you'd be if that was an outwardly visible (in shape) symbol of your masculinity, and it were threatened. Over half a million people a year die from breast cancer, and a whole lot more are cut on or poisoned to survive it.

So Larry, good guy that he is, says, "I have to do something." So he commissioned this very nice rifle to be built. It's a Stag 15, and if Larry says the work is good, then it's good.

Larry and his guys are auctioning this pretty off for $5 a ticket. $5 clams. 499 pennies plus the one you snag from the Give-A-Penny-Take-A-Penny tray at the grocery store. A sawbuck. 1/4 of the most typical denomination given you by the ATM. Well under the price of a McNastyburger Meal with large fries and large coke.

If you don't have an AR, you should buy a raffle ticket.

If you don't have a pink AR, you should buy a raffle ticket.

If you have a pink AR, but you know someone in your life who really needs a pink AR, then you should buy a raffle ticket.

If you HATE GUNS, and believe that no one should have an AR of any kind, then you should buy a LOT of raffle tickets, to take this Evil Pink Rifle Of Death out of the hands of those who would willingly... uh, shoot it or sumpin'.

As a matter of fact, without regard to your gun situation, you really need to buy several raffle tickets, because it goes toward breast cancer research. And it will. Larry is the type of man who will donate everything, and then empty his pockets to add more. And he'll send it all in.

Go HERE to find out more.

The raffle winner will be announced in October, but don't, don't, DON'T let it go 'til then, because it will be too late. And you won't get your pink rifle, and will miss your funnest chance to Nip Breast Cancer In The Bud.*


*(I really should be writing tag lines.)

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