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Sunday, July 06, 2008

"'Why not?'"

PARIS, France (AP) -- Ingrid Betancourt has reiterated that she does not believe her freedom or that of 14 other hostages was bought with a ransom to their Colombian rebel captors. But she suffered so much, she said, that had a ransom been paid, "why not?"
Because, you daft bimp, paying your ransom means that there's more incentive for others to be kidnapped.

Well, I suppose that people say things that they'll later regret, when they're emotional.

But I should think that this, along with her amazingly Francophile comments, will probably discount her from future elections. I mean, surely the Columbians aren't aren't going to follow the Peruvians, who elected a president with loyalties that resided outside of the country he governed?

And if I were a Columbian, I'd feel a little pissed to find out that Pugsley* was interfering with our internal matters, making deals with terrorists.

*H/T to Tamara for this term for Hugo Chavez.

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