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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When good things happen to good people.

My online pal, accountant cum merchant of death (and author of a fun book that is destined to become a kickass B movie) Larry Correia has officially opened his new store. To say that it's being well-received would be an understatement.

Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns (FBMG) is there for all (and I mean ALL) your gun needs. Yes, they're out of Utah, but they can find and acquire for you all the Class III stuff (legal silencers, machine guns, recoiless rifles, etc) you desire. They are full service. And Larry C. is a hell of a guy.

I have not yet pimped his newly-published book Monster Hunter International, because I've not yet acquired my own copy to give you a proper book report on, yet. I enjoyed the rough draft that he sent me to read a couple of years ago, so I know that I'll love the novel. But I'll hold off on that for another post.

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At Wednesday, February 13, 2008 4:26:00 PM, Blogger freddyboomboom said...

My review of MHI:

Buy it.

Read it.

What are you waiting for, go!


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