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Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm sorry.

You may have noticed an absence in my posting lately.

Some of that's because I'm kind of busy in Meatspace.

But really, I'm preoccupied with guilt.

  • I'm offensive.
  • I'm insensitive.
  • I sometimes speak without thinking.
  • With some frequency, I make jokes that offend people who don't find them funny.
  • I forget to say "Thank you."
  • I forget to remember (redundant, but I need the redundancy) to honor people I know and respect.
  • I think that I'm right, and refuse to admit that I'm wrong about things I clearly don't know very much about. Worse, I'll sometimes tell the person that does know about the subject that they're wrong.
  • I get angry and say things I shouldn't and don't immediately apologize.
  • I needle people sometimes, just to goad.
  • I question if I'm a very good person.
  • I suspect a lot of the time that I'm not a very good friend, relative, or loved one.

And I really am sorry for that.

I don't say this to ask for atonement or forgiveness or to have people tell me that it's okay or I'm a good a guy; I think I know the real score. I don't actually hate myself.

But I sure am sorry.

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