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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Go to bed early tonight that you can stay up late, and hear my evil arch nemesis good online friend Ambulance Driver prattle on discuss important, compelling, and humorous takes on life surrounding EMS and rural life in the south.* He'll be on at the same time that LawDog was on, last week: midnight on Friday morning/Thursday night, at Blog Talk Radio. Come in a minute or two early, so that you can get the feed buffered, and all. Mark (the host) takes Yahoo IM's, too, so be sure and pop up numerous inappropriate questions for him.

I mean, since you all so love A.D., and everything.


*I suppose I'm supposed to say that he'll discuss "life, death, and everything in between," but I can only shill so much-- I damned well draw the line at taglines.

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At Wednesday, May 16, 2007 6:32:00 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Well Matt I think I just moved you up the list of my interviewee's >:)


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