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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Dad and I are going hunting next week.

Dad's bringing his .45-70, his .35 Whelen, and his new Kimber .22 (I've not yet gushed publicly on how sexxxy that adult's .22 is.).

I'm bringing my Springfield .35 Whelen and... I dunno what else. Maybe a .30-30.

But we don't have much loaded ammo for same. We're going on a 5-day hunting trip on a several-section ranch, and we don't have much ammo. Not good. So I've gotta reload.

We've got cases. We've got bullets. We've got primers. We've got powder. We've got dies and trimmers and presses and... well, everything.

What we need is gumption.

I love hunting with handloaded ammo that I put together. I love experimenting with the abilities and effects of my own handloads.

But it is better to have handloaded, than to handload. Usually Dad and I handload together, and it's social. Today Dad's off on some adventure, and I'm at his place, reloading. Once everything's set up, it's not so bad. But it's a pain to do set-up, and I'm not used to doing it. This would be easier, I confess, if we were more organized. Cases get sorted, case prep material gets moved, tools get found, and the loads don't get loaded.

I tell myself that I do it for the hobby of loading. I better tell myself that, because it's a frickin' joke to claim that I'm saving lots of money. Oh, if I were organized better and didn't have to purchase duplicates, I'd save a few cents a round. But, as I mentioned, I'm [i]not[/i] that organized.

And the costs are sunk.

So I better get to it.


Herrre I go.

. . .

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