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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My shoulder hurts...

I stayed at Dad's last night, and this morning we ran out to the range. Due to an eye injury that Dad's getting over, I did most of the shooting.

By my loose count, I shot about:

30 rounds of .35 Whelen 250 grain loads (Springfield and Remington M700).
10 rounds of 400 grain .45-70 Not-Safe-For-Trapdoor loads (Marlin Guide gun).
20 rounds of .375 H&H 270 grain loads at about 2600 to 2700 fps (Remington M700).
4 rounds of .38 Spl out of my shotgun adaptor (interesting only-- no recoil) (Remington M1100).
& 2 rounds of .22 LR out of Dad's nifty little Kimber .22 LR rifle.

Sure, the last couple sound easy (shot 'em first, actually), but those first 60 (it might have only been about 50) will surely make you sit up and take notice. My groups were beginning to suffer toward the end.

Come Thursday, we hunt the wild boar.

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